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Tadd Lake Nanobubble Pilot Project 2024

Nanobubble Solutions to Improve Tadd Lake’s Water Quality 

Aerial view of a pond with labels for a "Nanobubbler" and "Buoy."

This summer, the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District is working with City of Atwater to pilot a project that seeks to improve the water quality of Tadd Lake. The District has secured the assistance of Moleaer, Inc., a cutting-edge company that makes industrial-scale nanobubble aeration technology – which is an emerging water treatment method that has been scientifically shown to make extraordinary improvements in chemical-free water treatment efforts.  

On July 1st, a temporary nanobubble aerator system will be installed on the south side of Tadd Lake where it will help aerate the lake for approximately three months. Two water data monitoring buoys will also be installed; with one deployed in Tadd and the other located on Upper Lake. Access into and out of the lake will be done solely through city-owned shoreland areas and any impacts made by the delivery or removal of equipment will be restored to their original condition. 

The data gathered will be used to help develop recommendations on long-term plans to improve and then maintain the water quality of Tadd and Upper lakes. Regular project updates and reports will be posted on the Watershed District’s website ( 


Before and after views of a pond cleanup, showing murky water with algae before and clear water after.

A fundamentally better approach to lake management 

Multiple case studies have demonstrated improved water clarity, reduction of sediment, muck, and odor. Lakes have greatly benefited from nanobubble aerators with clearer water, elimination of odors, reduced reliance on chemical usage, and an increase of oxygen levels within the water body. 



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Special Thanks 

We appreciate our partnership with the City in trying to improve water conditions in Tadd Lake! Please reach out with any questions or concerns. For more information about the science behind nanobubble technology, please scan the QR code or visit