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Lake Monitoring

The District currently monitors 11 lakes in the watershed: Calhoun Lake, Diamond Lake, Elkhorn Lake, George Lake, Green Lake, Long Lake, Nest Lake, Monongalia Lake, Schultz Lake, Hubbard Lake, and Wheeler Lake.  When monitoring these lakes, the District analysis many parameters that help determine water quality.

Secchi disk readings are a common measuring tool to indicate a lakes clarity.  A secchi disk is a white weighted disk, 8 inches in diameter, attached to a rope marked for measurement.  The secchi disk is lowered into the water column until it is no longer is visible.  The disk is then slowly raised until it reappears.  This depth at which it reappears is recorded as the secchi disk reading.  Deeper secchi disk readings (larger numbers) indicate clearer water.

Below is a table displaying Average Annual Secchi Disk Readings for the Districts 8 recreational lakes from 2007-2015.