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Middle Fork Crow River / CD 47

The Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District received a Clean Water Fund: Accelerated Implementation Grant in 2015 to do an assessment of the current conditions of river banks along the Middle Fork Crow River downstream of Lake Calhoun. This system is also maintained as a public ditch system by both Kandiyohi County (CD 20) and Meeker County (CD 47). Locations of erosion were logged with survey equipment, measurements were taken, and photographs were taken.

We then prepared conceptual designs for the erosion locations with moderately-high to severe erosion features and combined locations into projects 1 – 8 based on proximity to one another, access, and number of landowners. A construction cost estimate was prepared for each concept project design and compared to the estimated reductions of erosion to rank the projects based on the dollars per pounds of sediment and phosphorous removed annually from lowest to highest. Below you will see a map of the proposed project area.

May contain: chart and plot

After evaluating the erosion features, causes and potential stabilization techniques for long term protection, eight projects were identified that combined 18 erosion locations into 8 groups that minimize access, disturbance and construction costs while achieving the goal of reducing streambank erosion by 798 tons of sediment and 160 lbs.  Through the analysis, the top 3 most effective projects include vegetation maintenance and cattle exclusion only. No hard armoring is required until the fourth project and beyond.

The photo below was taken in 1955, it shows the channelized portion of the Middle Fork Crow River in Meeker County.

One should keep in mind that these are just project concepts and can be altered to fit project logistics, landowner preferences, and the various agencies that will be involved.

Engineer’s Report: Meeker County Ditch 47 / Middle Fork Crow River Restoration Project #2017-01Engineer’s Technical MemoOrder of the Board Initiating ProjectCounty Ditch Map – 1906 


July 17, 2017 – Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

October 24, 2017 – Technical Advisory Committee Meeting