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Stream Monitoring

The District monitors 5 stream locations throughout the watershed: MFC5, MFC4, MFC3, CL3, and Manannah.

Materials suspended in the water column can decrease the diversity of aquatic organisms and increase the water temperature. Plant populations can decrease as the suspended materials block the ability of sunlight to penetrate the water. Fish populations and other aquatic organisms suffer when eggs are smothered by silt and clay. The material suspended in the water can be both organic (plankton, sewage) and inorganic (silt, clay). By measuring total suspended solids (TSS), the effects of runoff on a water body can be determined.

This figure represents average annual total suspended solids (TSS) from 2007 through 2015. The shaded box depicts the ecoregional average for TSS.  In 2015, all five sites were within or better than ecoregional averages, indicating good water quality.