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Adopt A Drain

What is Adopt a Drain? 

Adopt a Drain is a non-profit site and organization striving for the protection of water quantity and quality. To effectively do so, Adopt a Drain asks residents to adopt a storm drain within their neighborhood and keep it clear of trash, leaves, dirt, grass, and other elements that could cause runoff pollution.

What exactly is runoff pollution and what does it do? 

Runoff pollution refers to the contaminants picked up by rainwater and melting snow. This runoff picks up dirt, sand, salt, fertilizer, oil, pesticides, bacteria, and other pollutants that wash off impermeable surfaces found in urban areas. Runoff pollution is a threat to our water quality and quantity.  

A common misconception of stormwater drains is that all water that travels through them is automatically filtered. This water runs directly into our lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Cleaning these drains helps prevent runoff pollution and keep water safe and usable.  

How do I adopt a drain? 

Visit, enter your address to find a drain near you, and discover un-adopted stormwater drains! To officially adopt a drain, click on an available drain and register online. Or if your drain cannot be found on the Adopt a Drain map, it can be added by registering it into the system. Adopt-a-Drain asks residents to adopt a storm drain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution. Help out by volunteering for fifteen minutes, twice a month, for cleaner waterways and healthier communities. We will provide you with a custom sign to post by your drain to let neighbors know you are protecting your water resource!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, after adopting your drain, keep it clean!  Sweep, rake, and pick up debris before it gets into your drain. For more information, visit to find more free resources of how to safely and effectively clear drains!