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WRAPS – Phase I

A key prerequisite for successful strategy development and on-the-ground implementation is meaningful civic engagement. This is distinguished from the broader term ‘public participation’ in that civic engagement encompasses a higher, more interactive level of involvement. Specifically, the University of Minnesota Extension’s definition of civic engagement is “Making ‘resourceFULL’ decisions and taking collective action on public issues through processes that involve public discussion, reflection, and collaboration.” A resourceFULL decision is one based on diverse sources of information and supported with buy-in, resources (including human), and competence. Further information on civic engagement is available at:

Accomplishments and Future Plans

Local stakeholders in the NFC watershed met to develop a Civic engagement planning team, made up of staff from watershed districts, CROW, DNR and SWCD. The team developed a plan to create diverse ownership in the water resources of the NFC watershed. The team explored what we were doing well and what to accomplish for diverse ownership. A civic engagement plan was developed that outlined deliverables for prioritized projects:

  • Contact or Meet Ag Community groups and look for ways to assist and work together
  • Recognition & Publicizing of Efforts in the watershed
  • Annual Watershed Wide Open House
  • Project of the Year
  • MPCA’s NFC Story Map
  • Expand Recreational Opportunities
  • Paddle the Crow River Day
  • Paddler Patch
  • Fishing Clinics
  • Establish Local Media Partnerships
  • Participate in a call in show for local radio
  • Build Volunteer Programs
  • Volunteer for every lake and stream stretch
  • Volunteer Recognition program
  • Expand Youth Education Programs
  • Expand Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District’s In-School program
  • Develop additional Envirothon and YES teams as needed
  • Developing Community Education programs
  • Storm Water Task Force
  • Address SSTS/Unsewered Community Issues
Major Watershed and Restoration Protection Project