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Middle Fork Crow Watershed Resource Investigation (CWP Grant)

  • Timeline: June 2013 to June 2016
  • Grant Dollars: $63,250  Cash: $12,200  In-kind: $75,450  Total: $150,900
  • The District aims to improve the effectiveness of limited implementation funding by using monitoring data to prioritize areas requiring protection and restoration. In recognition of the importance of awareness and civic engagement, the District will continue its education and outreach programs to watershed residents of all ages. While lakes and streams within the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed have relatively good water quality when compared to ecoregion averages, continued monitoring and outreach efforts will play an important role in the preservation of high quality waters and the improvement of impaired waters. By partnering with local organizations, public awareness and support for water quality issues will increase. Through this increased public awareness of the status of our lakes and streams, the Watershed District will work with local stakeholders to review previous goals set in the CWP Phase I studies, where needed goals will be updated. The increased knowledge, participation, and support of stakeholders will bring additional opportunities for implementation projects in the future. These efforts will support the District’s purpose of protecting and improving water quality in the watershed.