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MFCRWD Loan Program for BMPs/Septic Upgrades

  • Clean Water Partnership Project, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Timeline: June 2015 to June 2018
  • Grant Dollars: $10,000 Match: $100,000 Total: $110,000
  • This project aims to improve water quality in the Middle Fork Crow River, as outlined in Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District 10 year Comprehensive Plan. We will do this by evaluating current water quality impacts, implementing best management practices already in the planning stages, and by promoting BMP’s to landowners with the support of a low interest loan program. This project’s goal is to reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff and sediment and nutrient loading into the Middle Fork Crow River, the watershed’s eight recreational lakes, and multiple shallow lake and wetlands by implementing a variety of targeted Best Management Practices including stormwater retrofits, streambank restorations, and conservation agricultural projects.