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Integrated Water Quality Analysis for Targeted Priority Practices

  • BWSR Accelerated Implementation (FY2015 Clean Water Fund)
  • Timeline: April 2015 to December 2018
  • Grant Dollars: $97,500 Match: $26,364 Total: $123,864
  • The MFCRWD will be undergoing a river assessment to determine the scope of eroding riverbanks as well as completing a stormwater modeling project to identify Critical Source Areas (CSAs) for stormwater management with help from partners at Wenck Associates. The assessment will target two reaches of the Middle Fork Crow River. The evaluation will verify that streambank erosion is the major contributor of pollutants, catalog and quantify the erosion, and provide an assessment of the answers while quantifying bedload reductions that could be achieved with the solutions. Coupled with the streambank erosion assessment, a stormwater modeling project will provide needed data for future planning. Modeling evaluation will use stormwater management software joined with a water quality model to pinpoint sensible locations for Best Management Practices (BMPs) and provide results to forthcoming stakeholder planning and project implementation. This project will drive annual budgetary decisions and project planning, give District constituents a view of the watershed’s health, and provide an implementation strategy for water quality efforts for effective on-the-ground and shovel-ready projects.