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Diamond Lake TMDL Implementation Project

  • BWSR Projects & Practices (FY2015 Clean Water Fund)
  • Timeline: April 2015 to December 2018
  • Grant Dollars: $176,000 Match: $59,434 Total: $235,434
  • Diamond Lake is a significant waterbody utilized by thousands of boaters and anglers. The degradation of its water quality resulted in the placement of the lake on the MPCA’s List of Impaired Waters in 2006. The MFCRWD and its partners are making significant progress towards reducing phosphorus loading to Diamond Lake by completing implementation activities outlined in the Diamond Lake TMDL Report (Diamond Lake TMDL Report). Improving water quality in Diamond Lake to meet state standards is a top-ranking priority in the TMDL Implementation Plan (TMDL Implementation Plan). These funds will be used to implement practices outlined in the Diamond Lake TMDL Agricultural Conservation Program to reduce the remaining Diamond Lake phosphorus load by 759.5lbs/yr. The Agricultural Conservation Program will reduce the phosphorus load through wetland restoration, water and sediment control basins, side inlet controls, and buffer strips.