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Agricultural BMPs

Cattle Crossings

Cattle crossing can cause erosion on the banks of the river and in the river channel. The Watershed District provided cost-share funding to install fencing and a bridge to keep the cattle out of the river while allowing the landowner to have access to both sides of their pasture.

Woodchip Bioreactors

Woodchip bioreactors are an extremely effective practice to reduce nitrate loading to receiving waters. Tile drainage is directed into a covered trench filled with woodchips. As the woodchips become saturated, aerobic bacteria begin to digest soluble nitrate and convert it to nitrogen gas. To read more about this exciting project in the Diamond Lake subwatershed, click below.

May contain: gravel, road, pickup truck, transportation, truck, vehicle, person, soil, bulldozer, and machine
Lilleberg Bioreactor