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Ag Incentives – Funded

Farm Cattle Exclusion, May 2016

  • Recipient: Donnel Williamson
  • BMP Funds: $754.75
  • Cattle pasture was including a county ditch. A fence was constructed to exclude the cattle from the ditch to keep the manure and soil from being integrated into the water system.

Late Summer Cover Crop, August 2015

  • Recipient: Steven Spanier
  • BMP Funds: $408.75
  • Cover crop planted to assist in soil nutrient retention, as well as erosion control. Increase in organic matter in the soil profile. Reduction of wind erosion in the winter.

Late Summer Cover Crop, September 2015

  • Recipient: Brent Spanier
  • BMP Funds: $147
  • Planting a late summer cover crop helped reduce erosion moving from fall through winter into spring. Additionally, cover crop after a corn silage rotation will help with nutrient retention.

Buffer Strip Installation, April 2015

  • Recipient: Luella Behm
  • BMP Funds: $500
  • Buffer strip install to help stop erosion into County Ditch 28. This buffer was installed to help reduce runoff and stop sediments from entering into Co. Ditch 28.

Streambank Restoration, February 2015

  • Recipient: Nick and Erik Lilleberg
  • BMP Funds: $1,200
  • Middle Fork Crow River was eroding streambanks along the Lilleberg property. There were three locations where large bluffs were created due to heavily eroding soil. Funds were used to employ buffer strips and stabilize the streambank.

Streambank restoration and stabilization , May 2014

  • Recipient: Charlie Koch
  • BMP Funds: 867.33
  • Middle Fork Crow River was eroding streambanks along the Koch property. Funds were used to employ buffer strips and stabilize the streambank.

Woodchip Bioreactor, August 2013

  • Recipient: Stan & Nick Lilleberg
  • BMP Funds: $24,614
  • Woodchip bioreactors are used to increase the Nitrogen concentration of tile water out-letting into drainage systems, rivers, and streams.They are a buried edge-of-field trench filled with woodchips.

Conservation Drainage, May 2010

  • Recipient: Gordy Behm
  • BMP Funds: $1508.10
  • Conservation drainage was installed to allow for manipulation of tile line water in a patterned tiled field.

Livestock exclusion, May 2009

  • Recipient: Randy Anderson
  • BMP Funds: $6,201.55
  • The Watershed District provided cost-share funding to install fencing and a bridge to keep the cattle out of the river while allowing the landowner to have access to both sides of their pasture.

Feedlot Upgrade, 2007

  • Recipient: Mike Pickle
  • BMP Funds: $25,835 (Clean Water Partnership Grant)
  • Upgrades necessary at a feedlot.