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2016 MFCRWD Project of the Year

Yes! Team ACGC Stormwater Management

The ACGC elementary school had an addition where rain water was pooling by an outdoor walk-in freezer and a hallway exit door. As the pooling increased during heavy rainfall, water eventually made its way into the hallway. An engineer traveled to ACGC and found that the area in question was an impermeable surface and that a storm water drainage pipe ran close, so it was a suitable spot to implement a storm water best management practice (BMP).  A tree trench BMP is a practice that promotes infiltration of surface water while both filtering the incoming water and the promotion of nutrient uptake by plants associated with the planting. Since there was a storm water drainage pipe running through the area, it was the perfect location to install a tree trench since it would not have to work solely on its own.