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2014 MFCRWD Project of the Year

Charlie Koch – Cedar River Revetment

Riverbank Revetment protects an eroding riverbank by using a natural buffer made from cedar trees.  More than 300 ft of Mr. Koch’s riverfront property was preserved, while eliminating 24.75 tons of soil/sediment runoff into the Crow River.  In addition, an estimated 21.04 lbs of phosphorus will be kept out of the water due to Mr. Koch’s stabilization project.  Over the next few years, the District will monitor and report on the effectiveness of the cedar trees.  With proper management and care, the Koch project will not need replacement until 2030 at the earliest.  The Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District hopes to significantly increase the number of streambank stabilization projects in the future.

Congratulations to Mr. Charlie Koch for being awarded the 2014 MFCRWD Project of the Year!