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2012 MFCRWD Project of the Year

Nest Lake Improvement Association – Aquatic Plant Management

Based on the above criteria, the Board of Managers unanimously selected the Nest Lake Improvement Association’s “Nest Lake Aquatic Plant Management” program as the 2012 MFCRWD Project of the Year.

The Nest Lake Aquatic Plant Management program was initiated by resident petition and is an excellent example of property owners coming together to attack a complex issue – curly leaf pondweed infestation. The District has assisted with the project from a fiscal perspective, while the Nest Lake Improvement Association has maintained the lead in terms of project management and day-to-day activities. The efforts to battle curly-leaf pondweed for a more diverse plant community have just begun and NLIA has already reported impressive progress: a total of 5,500 cubic yards of curly-leaf pondweed were removed from the lake in 2012 (more than double the amount removed in 2011). The mechanical removal of the weeds were accompanied by herbicide treatments in designated areas identified by the MN Department of Natural Resources. Because the senescence (die-off) of the pondweed results in the release of phosphorus (consequent algae blooms), the physical and/or chemical removal of curly leaf pondweed improves overall water quality.

Nest Lake Home Owners Assocation website: 

Congratulations to the Nest Lake Improvement Association for their efforts and for being awarded the 2012 MFCRWD Project of the Year!