The North Fork Crow River Water Planning Partnership (NFCRWPP) is an organization of 6 Counties, 6 Soil and Water Conservation Districts, 2 Watershed Districts, and a Joint Powers Board within south-central Minnesota which joined together to develop a comprehensive One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P), aimed at creating prioritized and targeted implementation strategies that result in measurable resource improvements.

The North Fork Crow River Water Planning Partnership, on behalf of the members, is pleased to present the North Fork Crow River One Watershed, One Plan for 60-day review. Plans developed through One Watershed, One Plan will build off existing local water management plans and priorities, existing and new studies and data, Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS) and other related plans from state agencies.

The Plan is available Here.

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Board of Water and Soil Resources

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In early 2014, planning partners in this watershed joined together to submit a nomination to pilot One Watershed, One Plan. After their selection, partners started the plan development process in early 2015. Stakeholders include local governments, state agencies, and community members as partners in the planning process. The plan will identify the priority resources and the issues affecting them and describe projects and programs to address those issues in a targeted, measurable way.

What is One Watershed, One Plan?

The vision of One Watershed, One Plan is to align planning on major watershed boundaries with prioritized, targeted, and measurable watershed plans developed and implemented locally. These plans build on existing efforts, including current local water plans, state and local knowledge, and a systematic, science-based approach to watershed management.

The North Fork Crow River Pilot Watershed

The One Watershed, One Plan boundary for the North Fork Crow is the area’s major watershed boundary. The resulting five-county watershed planning area includes portions of Kandiyohi, Meeker, Pope, Stearns, and Wright Counties.

Next Steps for the North Fork Crow’s One Watershed, One Plan

  • Continue to meet and develop the draft plan.
  • Complete the plan by 2016, and implement it throughout the 10-year time frame of the plan.
  • Provide BWSR with lessons, feedback, and experience gained from the pilot plan to help adjust and streamline the framework for statewide rollout of the program.

One Watershed, One Plan Background

One Watershed, One Plan is rooted in Minnesota’s long history of water management by local government. Planning for the program began with the Local Government Water Roundtable (Association of Minnesota Counties, Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts, and Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts). Roundtable members recommended that local governments charged with water management should develop focused implementation plans on a watershed scale. In 2012, the Minnesota State Legislature, through the One Watershed, One Plan legislation, authorized BWSR to develop and implement a comprehensive watershed management plan approach. The resulting approach coordinates and consolidates water plans on a watershed basis instead of political boundaries.

How Do I Stay Informed?

For up-to-date information on the statewide rollout of One Watershed, One Plan, please visit the BWSR program website, available here. For information on the North Fork Crow pilot watershed, please contact your local County, Soil and Water Conservation District, or Watershed District office, or the Crow River Organization of Water (C.R.O.W.).

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