Pedersen Shoreline Restoration on Nest Lake

  • Total project costs: $15,388.36  DNR Funding: $4,157.76  Other Funding: $7,383.51  Landowner Funding: $3,847.09
  • 100 linear feet of shoreline and 3,420 square feet restored
  • The project removed three large retaining walls and four smaller retaining walls.  The slope was re-graded and vegetated with native vegetation that will provide a stable slope.
Pedersen Before


Pedersen After


  Fortney Shoreline Restoration on George Lake

  • Total Project Costs: $5,398.32 DNR Grant Funding: $4048.66 Landowner Funding: $1,349.55
  •  107 linear feet of shoreline restored with a 3950 square foot buffer.
  • The site utilized native grass and flower plugs in addition to both wet and dry seed mixes. Coir logs were utilized on the toe for a temporary wave break. The site was previously overrun with reed canarygrass.