The Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District Board is in the process of pursuing a Rule Amendment following MS 103D.341.

Please view the updates in this copy. n the red-lined copy, struck through text indicates portions of the rules that will be eliminate and underlined text indicates new language added to the rules. If text is neither struck through nor underlined, it is existing rule language and will remain unchanged.


  • Is your project within 300 ft of a known Ordinary High Water Mark or Curb and Gutter System & does it disturb an area greater than 300 ft2? You need a permit.

*This Rule does not apply to ordinary agricultural practices.

Online Erosion Control Permit Application



PDF Permit Guidance, Application, & Requirements



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The following resources are meant to aid in the preparation of District Permits. Specific items each resource address for the permit application are noted in bullets below resource.

Permitting Agencies of Kandiyohi County

Approved Model List

  • Current MPCA Approved Models
  • Model Selection Guidance

USDA Web Soil Survey

  • Soil Information

Kandiyohi County – GIS Map

  • Topographic Maps

Minnesota Stormwater Manual

  • Runoff input parameters
  • Rainfall frequencies
  • Water quality treatment methods
  • Approved water quality models and approaches
  • Erosion control BMPs

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – NPDES Permit

  • NPDES Permit Application
  • SWPPP Preparation

MPCA Impaired Waters List

  • List of impaired waters

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

  • Ordinary Highwater Mark Elevations

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

  • Floodplain and Floodway locations