Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
MFCRWD Office, 189 County Road NE, Spicer, MN

Present: B. Hodapp, B. Wing, J. Hedkte, R. Schaefer of the Board, absent G. Behm; M. Johnson; J.
Morales; D. Erickson-Staff; T. Ostendorf-BWSR; S. & H. Meints-Diamond Lake; J. Elkjer-Little Crow
Anglers; J. Bischoff-Wenck, J. Kavanagh-DNR; T. Steffensen- Westberg Eischens

1. R. Hodapp called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
2. The mission statement “We exist for the protection and preservation of water quality in the
Middle Fork Crow River Watershed” was read by R. Hodapp.
3. A motion was made by B. Wing, seconded by J. Hedkte to approve the agenda; the motion passed 4-
4. Approve the minutes of the May 2 meeting
5. Treasurer’s Report
6. D. Erickson probationary period
A motion was made by B. Wing, seconded by R. Schaefer to approve the Consent Agenda. The motion
passed 4-0.

7. Audit by Westberg-Eischens – T. Steffensen presented the 2016 Annual Financial Report. See
report. A motion was made by B. Wing, seconded by R. Schaefer to approve the 2016 Financial Report.
The motion passed 4-0.
8. Josh Kavanagh – MN DNR – Diamond Lake TMDL Implementation, Hubbard, Schultz, and Wheeler
Implementation Activity CIP #13-02: Hubbard, Schultz, Wheeler Project Update- Letters were sent to
land owners, providing updated information. Phone calls were made to the main property owners. A
power point was provided to the Managers. Phase1 is done (CD#28 Schultz lake area) Phase 2 control
structures by Hubbard and Wheeler will be bid out in June/July and the start of Phase 2 in
September- November. If current, high-water levels remain, Schultz Lake may be blocked off to lower
the water levels. This will allow, the fall process of dewatering, to start sooner. Coffer dams may
be needed in the fall to facilitate this process. Future meetings will be held with property owners
and participating partners. Draw down has exposed the Curry Leaf Pond Weed (CLPW) in the lakes.
Schultz lake is approximately 1 foot higher than usual. A partial blockage of water flowing into
Schultz will start this summer.
9. Little Crow Anglers-J. Elkjer presented information on a fish cleaning station. The proposed
idea was presented to the DNR and the City of Spicer. The location would be the overflow parking
lot area across from Mel’s Store. The City of Spicer has accepted of the ownership of the facility
after it has been built. KC-AIS has donated funds and a request was made for a donation. The Board
discussed if the request was within the mission statement of the WD. No action taken.
10. Wenck Associates – Diamond Lake Alum Treatment Presentation-J. Bischoff-Limnologist-Presented
an in-service on the problem of internal loading of phosphorus. The presentation included the
origins of phosphors from impervious surfaces, natural sources, lawns, agriculture and centuries of
deposits. Stratification, is when the warmer temperature creates a pooling of cooler water at the
lower levels. Anoxic areas release phosphorus. Phosphorus forms in the lake by iron, alum, clay and
labile. The ones that drive internal loading are of a concern in the management of phosphorus. The
estimate of internal loading during the studies leading to a TMDL use a residual model; which
misses out on the

true internal load. Sediment core sampling can more accurately determine the internal load. One
example of the two different models resulted in 65% with the model load and only 32% with core
derived method. Alum treatment has been used widely in Minnesota for 45 years. Alum- is aluminum
sulfate, applied by a barge, dropped into the lake, which permanently binds the phosphorus in the
sediment. Stable in the environment, not sensitive to anoxia treatment targets the sediment, binds
in the sediment, alum bonds pull the phosphorus off the sediment. J. Bischoff suggests doing
internal load projects in conjunction with the WD projects. Safety issues discussed; along with
short term toxicity. The Diamond Lake TMDL 103 kg was estimated. Should retest to see if 103 is
Total project cost estimated at 1.5 to 2.0 million. Phosphorus pounds per removal is under a
$1000/pound which is less than many WD projects but initially the cost does create a sticker shock.
Alum can be effective for 15-30 + years if dosed correctly. Lab fees would be about $5000 for each
of the recommended 4 sites. Clean Water Funds may be available for this type of study.
11. Administrator’s Report:
a. Review Calendar/District Activities -see calendar and activity report
b. New Project Status
1. Accelerated Implementation Grant presentation – County Ditch 47-John Kolb presented information
on the 11 miles of the river. Board members wanted to consider 1-2 potential projects along the
river. The Project 15-03 MFCRWD Integrated Water Quality Analysis; funding provided by a Clean
Water Partnership loan. A portion also studied CD#47 in Meeker county and this information was
presented to Meeker County Commissioners in May 2017. In Chapter 4 of the Comprehensive Plan
include this type of projects. The MFCRWD County Ditch 47 Restoration Project be approved, numbered
as #2017-01 this would initiate the project but not start the process. The analysis would need to
be performed first. If the project is approved by the Board and by BWSR, then the public meetings
could be held. Meeker County is willing to partner with the WD and early discussions have taken
place. Motion to approve the findings and order as presented by B. Wing, seconded by R. Schaefer.
The motion passed 4-0.
c. Project Status – Follow-up
1. North Fork One Watershed One Plan-Section 5 has been approved by the staff and will be sent on
to Policy, for review. Section 5 is the implementation part of the plan. PTM app (prioritize
treatment measure) is being used; along with a MOA.
d. Administrative matters
1. DNR project – Saulsbury boat access project would trigger our permit rules. The Parks and Trail
supervisor sent us a permit for 95 sq. feet. The DNR stated they do not apply for permits. J Kolb
reported that the DNR stated “they do not need a permit because it is not legislated by law”. Other
WD have encounters this same problem. J. Kolb stated that the MN DNR would at least be subject to
national rules such as the requirement of a storm water permit. D. Erickson will contact the DNR
and MPCA for further information.
2. MAWD special meeting notice and delegates. A motion was made to reappoint R. Hodapp and B. Wing
as delegates and R. Schaefer as alternate, was made by B. Wing and seconded by R. Schaefer. The
motion passed 4-0.
3. League of MN City liability waiver- A motion was made by J. Hedkte, seconded by R. Schaefer to
approve the waiver. The motion passed 4-0.
4. Permit #17-04 New London – Spicer School Stadium- The Project will add impervious surface but
decrease the amount of run off. See diagram provided by the School. A motion to approve permit
#17-04 was made by R. Schaefer and seconded by J. Hedkte. The motion passed 4-0.
e. Administrative matters – Follow-up

1. Stearns County Hazard Mitigation Resolution-M. Johnson attended a meeting where it was reported
that $500,000 will be added to mitigation plan. This would open FEMA funds, if needed. A motion to
approve the # 17-02 was made by B. Wing, seconded by J. Hedkte. The motion passed 4-0.
2. Reminder: Annual Open House July 11th Tuesday at 5:00-6:30 pm.
3. Nest Lake Assessment – MN DOT- J. Kolb has contacted the DOT and discussed the issue. The WD
will not pursue the past due tax.
4. Little Crow Golf Course Project- D. Erickson reported that the pile of dirt on the grounds has
been seeded and vegetation is starting to grow. A silt fence is not needed.
12. Legal Counsel Report -None.
13. Public Access Forum -None
14. A motion was made by J. Hedtke, seconded by B. Wing to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed
4- 0 and the meeting ended at 8:20 pm.

Submitted by,

Ruth Schaefer Secretary