Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

MFCRWD Office, 189 County Road NE, Spicer, MN

Present: G. Behm, J. Hedkte, B. Wing, R. Hodapp, R. Schaefer-Board; M. Johnson, J. Morales, D. Erickson-staff; J. Kolb-Attorney; H.& S. Meints, B. Richlefs-Diamond; L. Thompson-Calhoun; C. Meehan & J. Bischoff-Wenck Engineering, R. Imdieke-Kandiyohi County, M. Larson-Spicer and E. Christenson.


  1. The meeting was called to order by R. Hodapp at 6:37 pm.
  2. The District Mission Statement- “We exist for the protection and preservation of water quality in the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed” was read by R. Hodapp
  3. Motion by J. Hedkte, second by B. Wing to approve the agenda. Motion passed 5-0.



(The consent agenda is considered as one item of business. It consists of routine administrative items or items not requiring discussion. Items can be removed from the consent agenda at the request of a Board member).

  1. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve the minutes of the May 2 meeting
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. 17-06 Permits – House and Garage
    4. 17-07 Permits – House and patio

Motion by G. Behm, second by J. Hedkte to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion passed 5-0.



  1. Administrator’s Report:
    1. Review Calendar/District Activities –Update provided by M. Johnson, see calendar.
    2. New Project Status
      1. Accelerated Implementation Grant– County Ditch 47 -In June the Meeker County CD 47 project initiation began with the review of a 2016 study. Now a project can commence, with an engineer report by Wenck. This report would be submitted to the DNR and BWSR; the DNR and BWSR would have a 30-day comment period. Clean Water Fund RFP’s would be due August 9th. The cost of this engineer’s report would be $1900 and $1700 for the public hearing (including the report and analysis of public comments). Motion by B. Wing, second by G. Behm to approve the scope of services for the Meeker County CD 47 Project. Motion passed 5-0.
      2. Benefited people, along with second tier could be invited. There are three possible ways that the project could be funded. Questions to answer are: Who does the project impact? How does it affect water quality? Would redetermination of benefit by the Meeker County Ditch Inspector improve water quality?
    3. Project Status – Follow up-
      1. North Fork One Watershed One Plan-The latest meeting laid out a 10-year plan. The Red Lake MOU was reviewed as a possible template for North Fork One Watershed One Plan.
    4. Administrative matters
      1. Laursen – Shoreline Project Update –J. Morales visited the project as a site review. He noted that the project is out of compliance and the property is for sale. Board discussed the process of addressing out of compliance projects.
      2. Update BMP Policy – Subcommittee –M. Johnson suggested that we create a subcommittee to proceed and determine a non-compliance policy. M. Johnson requested managers involvement and R. Hodapp and B. Wing volunteered.
      3. Permit #17-05 Olness Home Construction on Elkhorn Lake -New home construction, site was visited by J. Morales. The site of over 20,000 square feet of land disturbing activity which triggers a permit. Motion by G. Behm, seconded by R. Schaefer to approve Permit #17-05. Motion passed 5-0.
      4. Green Lake Township project – Bass Lake-M. Johnson presented the map which indicated a township road which was under water at one time. This flooding led to installation of 18” tile. The tile line was plugged. The 18” tile was recently replaced with a 24” tile. Now Bass lake residents are concerned with the amount of water entering the lake. More information is being requested as to what the actual permit stated. The open ditch is now a closed ditch. The Public Works Permit will be reviewed.
      5. BWSR Summer Tour –See invite dated August 23rd for a review of Kandiyohi County BWSR projects.
      6. Cell phone and technology update policy-Staff often used their personal cell phone for WD work. Motion made by B. Wing, seconded by J. Hedkte to approve the policy change of $10-$15 reimbursement based on usage. See policy. Motion passed 5-0.
    5. Administrative matters – Follow-up
      1. DNR project – Saulsbury boat access- DNR meeting of impervious surface. The Board requested that site be reviewed by an engineer. C. Meehan of Wenck Engineering reviewed the site and will draft a report. Rate controls were reviewed, pond size was studied along with the impervious surface storage. The storage space, was less than ideal and the possible implication on water quality was discussed. How the water flows are also a concern; Wenck suggested tipping the driveway could benefit retention of water. The tilting of the basin could help as well. Johnson will attend the stormwater water meeting and this will be discussed.
      2. MAWD special meeting & summer tour- Board packet presented last month detailed the proposed Bylaws and the Manual of Policy and Procedure (MOPP). The Special Meeting was attended by a majority of WD which approved the Bylaws and the MOPP. Executive Director of MAWD posting closes 7-26-17.
      3. City Meeting regarding Stormwater Ordinance –Spicer, 2014 City informed two people that they did not need to obtain a permit. The WD did not approve the Cities own stormwater ordinance Memorandum of Understand to exclude the city limits from the WD’s Stormwater Standards. Permits still need to be obtained and communication still needs to improve.
    6. Legal Counsel Report-None.
    7. Public Access Forum -G. Behm asked if DU will be posting bids for the Diamond Lake project; M. Johnson stated this month or next bids should go out. M. Larson stated the public needs to understand that infested lake water (Green Lake-zebra mussels) should not be washed down the storm water system, as the water may contain veligers.
    8. Motion by J. Hedtke, seconded by B. Wing to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed 5-0 and ended at 7:29 pm.


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Ruth Schaefer