Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

MFCRWD Office, 189 County Road NE, Spicer, MN


Present: G. Behm, B. Wing, R. Hodapp, R. Hodapp, J. Hedkte (6:35), R. Schaefer-Board; M. Johnson, D. Erickson-Staff; J. Kolb-Legal; T. Ostendorf-BWSR; C. Meehan-Wenck; R. Imdieke-County Commissioner; H. Meints-Diamond Lake


  1. Hodapp called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
  2. District Mission Statement- “We exist for the protection and preservation of water quality in the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed” was read by R. Hodapp.
  3. Motion by B. Wing, second by G. Behm to approve the agenda. The motion passed 4-0.
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve the minutes of the July 11 meeting
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. 17-08 Permits – Lot fill
    4. 17-09 Permits – Lot fill
    5. 17-10 Permits – Driveway Reconstruct

Motion made by G. Behm, seconded by B. Wing to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion passed 4-0.



  1. Prairie Presentation & Proposal – by M. Sommers- Westby Intern-Power Point presentation for the Board to consider adding more prairie plants to the WD property. The ecological and educational benefits of a prairie, was presented. The City of Spicer, now allows for prairie plots within city limits. The permit cost is $100. D. Erickson will gather cost information for next month’s meeting.
  2. Administrator’s Report:
    1. Review Calendar/District Activities -Calendar reviewed and discussed.
    2. New Project Status
      1. City of New London Stormwater projects -AIG study project conducted in 2015, provided implementation options, that the city, is now considering. The City might petition the WD for a stormwater project. See AIG 2015 Wenck report.
    3. Project Status – Follow-up
      1. Accelerated Implementation – County Ditch 47-A meeting was held with Meeker County Commissioners and WD staff. The Engineering Report (Wenck Engineering) draft estimated a $893,005 budget. BSWR and the DNR will have a 30-day comment period. A public hearing would occur afterwards; Meeker County requested an open house and informational meeting. The public hearing meeting be held in Litchfield at a County Commissioners meeting. This could be scheduled in October or November. Meeker County Commissioners are in support of projects that would maintain the quality of their ditch system. BWSR funds, general funds, or ad valorem tax funds could be used. J. Kolb discussed possible payments options if BWSR grant funds were not available. Hubbard, Schultz Wheeler, funds are being paid by the entire WD.
      2. North Fork One Watershed One Plan-July 19th planning work group met to discuss the governance, decided on a technical advisory group with representation by the group. BWSR did request that all groups have representation in the governance structure. T. Ostendorf, stated the letter for more funds will go to the Board, for review.
    4. Administrative matters
      1. Green Lake Nursery Project K-01-17-D. Erickson, met with owners to create a subsurface infiltration system and a rain garden project. Engineer/technical approval authority (R. Reiffenberger) was consulted for the infiltration trench and rain garden. The drawing was reviewed with owner, contract created and the budget was estimated at $10,555.00. The owner’s labor, would count as the in-kind portion. The WD would pay 100 % of cost for supplies and equipment. Motion made R. Schaefer, seconded by B. Wing to approve project K-01-17, contingent upon owner’s signature. Motion passed 5-0.
      2. Operating Plan Resolution -T. Ostendorf stated the WD needs to pass a Resolution to continue operating under our current Comprehensive Plan. Once the 1W1P is approved, then the new plan will become the WD plan. Motion made by B. Wing, seconded by G. Behm to provide the BSWR Board Resolution 17-03 to continue with our current Comprehensive Plan, until the completion of 1W1P. The motion passed 5-0.
      3. Budget Subcommittee -See income-expenses draft for upcoming budget. The public meeting will be scheduled at 6:00 p.m., prior to the September 5th board meeting. The notice will be posted 2 times prior to the September meeting. R. Hodapp stated that he will be gone for the September Board meeting.
        1. A subcommittee was created with G. Behm and R. Hodapp, who will meet with M. Johnson to complete the budget.
        2. Diamond Lake Aquatic Plant Management-M. Johnson reported a $20,0000 fund balance in the DLAPM account.
        3. Nest Lake Aquatic Plant Management- The Nest Lake APM account has $55,000. The lake association has equipment costs and will use the funds to pay off loan. Funds should not exceed 2 times their annual funds. Discussion on the life span of these types of Project took place.
      4. Oath of Office
        1. BWSR Memo-The memo clarified that the Oath of Office need to be retaken by Managers.
        2. Hodapp & G. Behm -Both recited the Oath of Office.
      5. BWSR Summer Tour -M. Johnson listed the sites: squash frog wetland, Hubbard, Schultz Wheeler project; AIS decontamination unit demonstration, Neer Park, leachate treatment plant, grass lake restoration with an evening meal at PWELC.
      6. Bushmills Ethanol Expansion Stormwater Permit – D. Erickson presented the Wenck engineering report, on the expansion and water reuse of water project. The erosion control plan was appropriately reviewed. One recommendation made was for seeding of the slope. Pipes will drain into the ponds. Motion to approve the Stormwater Expansion Permit, made by R. Schaefer, seconded by J. Hedtke. Motion passed 4-0 with G. Behm abstaining.
    5. Administrative matters – Follow-up
      1. DNR project – Saulsbury boat access-D. Erickson and C. Meehan discussed the project and areas of concern. One concern is if the DNR is following their own rules/best management practices as it relates to run off. After further discussion, the Board the need to pursue the issue further. Motion made by B. Wing, seconded by G. Behm for D. Erickson to send a letter to the Governor’s Office, Anna Henderson–Water Resource Advisor for the Governor, with a copy to the DNR, signed by Board Chair Bob Hodapp. The motion passed 5-0.
      2. Green Lake Township project – Bass Lake- M. Johnson stated that the Green Lake township did get a permit, for a pipe install to Bass Lake. E. Jenson, did note that pipe is larger than the permit stated, riprap was also added. E. Jenson stated Eco- Waters will need to follow up on the matter.
      3. City of Spicer – Stormwater Ordinance MOA-D. Erickson met with the City Spicer Mayor-D. Baker, initially it was decided that the WD would rewrite the MOA. This decision was delayed for 1-2 months, for the City to review the ordinance again. The City of Spicer has adopted the WD ordinance and the MOA is the final piece of the agreement.
    6. Legal Counsel Report -J. Kolb stated the Aquatic Lake Management Plans are for 15 years. The Diamond Lake plan “valuation of the cost is on a 15-year cycle” as read from the plan. There are no limits “the project could end by a WD initiative or by the requester, the reserve account should not exceed, 50% more than the proposed budget.
    7. Public Access Forum:
      1. HSW project bids went out with a due date of August 5th; the ditch monitoring station is taking stage readings every 3 minutes. Values are good so far. See activity report. Houston had accurately estimate only a one-inch change.
      2. Imdieke stated there is a Public hearing to expand the NFCRWD, Board of Managers from 5 to 7. Meeting in Paynesville on August 22, at the City Hall, 6:30 pm 1005 W Main St.
      3. MAWD-update-Transition Committee is reviewing resumes and will start interviews for the Executive Director position.
      4. The Board thanked C. Meehan for his work.
      5. The BMP subcommittee meeting will be rescheduled upon J. Morales return to work.
    8. Motion to adjourn was made by J. Hedtke, seconded by B. Wing. The motion passed 5-0 and the meeting closed at 8:34 p.m.



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Ruth Schaefer