WRAPS Phase II Meeting #5 Agenda
9:00 am – 12:00 pm CROW Office – Buffalo

Meeting Called by: CROW Facilitation: Nicole Erickson Note taker: Kala Kaehler
Key Meeting Purpose: Plan Education and Outreach for WRAPS II
Members Present: Kala Kaehler, Jon Morales, Chris Lundeen, Nicole Erickson, Diane Sanders, Dylan Erickson, Brad Wozney, Tom Weber
Members Absent: Margaret Johnson, Scott Lucas

Agenda Items:
Digital Story Map: Chris
Purpose: Inform group on the status of Story map. Tom Peterson, can help with moving forward.
Attachments: Chris sent the Old NFCR story map.
Discussion Questions: What ideas do we have for the story map?
Story map for PCA was located and is available. Chris had sent out a few different maps to look at. The CROW PCA map was reviewed and talked about different options for story maps.
Crowdsource maps are a favorite, pending the approval process for people to upload content.
Can we pass the buck on ESRI license? Do we need to all have this each year?
Can create base maps and send to Chris and he can upload if needed.
Are the ELINK points downloadable for watershed based? Can put in a request for information, so BMP’s can be uploaded.
Utilize, facebook, Instagram, and youtube for updated content; video, photos and projects.
Redeye river watershed story map.

How is this story map helpful to the average citizen/advocate to compel others/ lake associations etc.
The story map is only one resource available, the advocate must use all tools available.
Greatest function is to show all of our info- to inform people
Maps should have the trends of water quality available. Maybe include a sentence or 2 to include basic info for the average citizen.
How are the BMPS changing the water quality, how are invasive species changing the water quality.
Have the story map show, Lakeshore owner’s issues, issues from the town/city, and Ag produces.
Show positive lakeshore/BMP/Ag practices first and then what doesn’t work- don’t highlight the negatives first. Show the beauty in the resources, show a drone footage with audio overlay.
How are do incorporate the LGU’s info into this map, ie Kandiyohi will not cooperate.
What story map to use. A scrolling map is most useful, and user friendly. Plain language, needs to be addressed with in the map.
Include the fisheries side of each lake. Link to lakefinder for each lake. Maybe have an avid fisherman talk about each lake.

Marketing: Kala/Scott
Purpose: Consult about looking for marketing student to help with process. Scott looking into this.
Attachments: Possible poster to put up at schools.
Discussion Questions: What are some of the effective tools that they see us using? What kind of student would be more helpful? How will we use the story map and get it to the right people?
Waiting until January 2018 to sit down with instructor, to create a program for student.
Branding, Marketing- is it through social media, etc. Student go to farmers and survey how they get their information. Research what would be the best way to reach the ag based landowner.

Train the Trainer: Jon/Scott
Purpose: Consult on organize training workshop with Red Star Creative
Discussion Questions: Will WRAPS pay for this? What do we need to do to prepare for this to get the most out of the experience? Is there is an agro business and is there a strategy to when we go? Customized sessions?
Betsy @ redstar, MNWEST tech campus. They have a program, mostly small business based. Cannot line up a date when we could like up with another entity that promotes the ag industry. Might be worth it for one or 2 from the WRAPS committee to attend.
WRAPS could pay for training, maybe include the student. Can the grant pay for a Farmer to attend the training? Pay for the fee?

Analyze the barriers and incentives for the focus group of people. What can we do to help you is a question to ask the ag community. How is the average farmer overcoming the economic impacts on the farmer to become a steward of the land and water quality- doing conservation tillage/cover crops etc. IE what were the trigger points that made the Johnson’s do conservation farming and what was the process to change over to conservation farming.
Do we want to take the money for train the trainer and visit small towns and pay for the buffet. To involve farmers from the local community to have a civic engagement day. These can produce meaningful conversations. Invite farmers that are involved in cover crops and conservation farming. Get the local producers to talk to one another to influence each other. We would provide the opportunity, and food.
Include some tables with demos of healthy soils vs nonhealthy soils.

Field days to see how the data is collected so they can trust the data. Understand the foundation and the process of the collections, QAQC etc. Show Macro’s so the data is not being sent off, and can see the water quality data immediately.

Youtube: Dylan
Purpose: Consult/Inform on how we can YouTube to do education and outreach
New video up on channel, can use tags on each video to. Can watch on youtube: shallow lake management Diamond Lake. On the MFCRWD facebook site. https://youtube/vdDZfZgalMM
Include the videos on the story map.

Fish tissue testing: Chris/Kala
Purpose: Information/research on contaminates in fish tissue in local lakes
Attachments: Research for SCSU email to committee
Discussion Questions
DNR path lab- NO
Maybe use St Cloud State would be a resource? Maybe just use the article that was found from St. Cloud State student.
Department of health? County health departments.
SWCD conservationist of the year, include if in the watershed.
Ag cert. program could have some recognitions on their site, to include.

Video Production Equipment: Jon
Purpose: Consult with group on video production needs.
Discussion Questions: What kinds of videos do we see ourselves capturing? Above the water drone videos and diving or snorkeling? Are we looking for Audio independent of Video? Taking quality photos? Local resources we can tap into for professional video capabilities?
Go pro available, have used it need to check how the audio is.
Can purchase an extra mic to assist with the audio. $75 for the mic.

Next meeting January 18 9am @ NFCRWD office Brooten.
Chris- Agenda, facilitation
Note taker: Kala Kaehler